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Green Living WebsitesHeavy-Duty Commercial Juicer in Black

Heavy-Duty Commercial Juicer in Black

  • Powered by a full 1/3 horsepower, heavy-duty General Electric motor.
  • Use as a homogenizer to make veggie loaves, Frozen Sorbets, Sherbets, Baby Foods, Fruit Sauces and Nut Butters.
  • Large 1.75″ Diameter Feed Tube, 1725 RPMs, 540 Watt Motor, 110V 50HZ
  • 10 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty (1 Year on cutter blade and screens) / 5 year limited warranty on all juicing parts and a 3 year warranty on its motor. All parts 100 % FDA nylon, stainless steel shaft.

Heavy duty front and rear ball bearing installation for smoother running, maximum R.P.M.’S. Added winding capacity which increases starting torque and allows the motor to run cooler increasing the durability factor and performance under heavy use con

List Price: $ 400.00

Price: $ 262.79

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Eco Friendly Are Windows Phone 7 eco friendly?

Question by Ren Sen: Are Windows Phone 7 eco friendly?

Best answer:

Answer by Spartacus
No. There is no cell phone on the market that is truly eco-friendly. The batteries, computer chips, and displays all contain dangerous chemicals.

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Go Green TipsGotoob Green/Medium

Gotoob Green/Medium

  • Available In Hot Pink
  • Available In Lime Green

GoToob is the civilized, smart, squeezable liquid transport tube. Soft, rugged, food-safe silicone construction permits easy dispensing. Features a special ?no-drip? valve, big opening for easy filling, an identification ring to mark popular contents

List Price: $ 8.49

Price: $ 6.99

LED Finger Lights (40 pcs)

  • 40 total finger lights in four different colors
  • Elastic bands which make it easy to attach to your fingers
  • Super bright LED lights: Red, White, Blue, Green
  • Replaceable batteries: 3x AG3 cells per light, included!

Exciting design! great for party and Christmas Day!with elastic strap so that ring it around your finger, come with red, white,blue and green 4 colors, quite eye-catching in the light.

4 This Finger Laser Lights come with 4 colors

List Price: $ 10.85

Price: $ 0.01

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Green Living Az Prettiest place to live in Arizona?

Question by BulletProof: Prettiest place to live in Arizona?
I live in Mesa, Arizona. (I’m 21) The problem is that I HATE the heat, we don’t get rain, it’s nothing but dirt and cactus, it’s pretty ugly. When I am someplace that is green and cool, I feel better. When it rains, I automatically feel more alive.

As you go further up the state it gets cooler and greener, but the population goes down and turns into the boonies.

I have Social Anxiety Disorder, so socializing is a problem for me. I am dependent a lot on my parents and sister for support and I don’t have any other family I am close to. So I’m afraid that even when I have enough money/independence to move that I wouldn’t want to move to another state and and not be close to them, or having to get used to a whole other state. I think I would really like living further up state but like I said, it turns into the boonies, and as much as I don’t like socializing much I don’t want to live somewhere that I have to drive out of town to get something I need.

So my question is, where are the most beautiful (non desert) places to live in AZ? But that doesn’t have too low of a population? So far in the research, Scottsdale looks pretty good.

I’ve watched the tv shows Hercules and Xena and they are filmed in New Zealand. It is so pure green there, so beautiful and amazing, I just ache to live someplace that wonderful but I really don’t think I could ever move to another country, especially when just moving states would scare me. I also love the green in Ireland and the beauty of Tuscany. (Yeah, I was born in the wrong place,) lol

Best answer:

Answer by Yirmiyahu
No place better than Benson

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Green JobsPrince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat in Green

Prince Lionheart Soft Booster Seat in Green

  • Seat that gets the job done while feeling good and looking great
  • Non-slip base, lightweight, easy-to-clean, waterproof, soft foam boosterSEAT
  • Textured seat to keep from slipping and sliding
  • Indoor or outdoor; meal time or family time;2 years+; seat weight: 2.7 lbs / 1.2 Kg
  • Provides a 3 inch lift; measures 5 inches high on the side and 7 inches high in the back

The soft booster seat is perfect for meal time, TV time or anytime. It is waterproof, portable and slip resistant. The soft booster is made of light density foam for comfort. The soft foam protects furniture from scratches and easily wipes clean.

List Price: $ 36.00

Price: $ 36.00

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Green Living Room Decorating Ideas Decorating "formal" living room...?

Question by Mom to one cute boy!: Decorating “formal” living room…?
My husband and I bought a new house!! We have 2 areas that could be the living room so we are making the other one with the tv. we’ve decided to make this a comforable relaxing space.
I’ve chosen the paint color
It’s a great color, i think. It’s greenish/gray..maybe?
Anyways this room has a bay window. I plan on putting a rocking chair in it, an antique lawyers bookcase and a green sofa in it. I have lamps and some antique tables that will be used as end tables. Other then that: i have no idea as far as other things to put in the room, including wall art. What are some suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by toorie
How about maps or monuments from around the world, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Statue of Liberty etc.

You can copy these from a magazine or perhaps the library. Have them blown up and you could have them in sepia color (to go along with the antique theme)

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Lime Green Living Room Q&A: Teens: Any suggestions for decorating my room?

Question by This Is My Design: Teens: Any suggestions for decorating my room?
I have a tiny bedroom so I’m limited, my walls are pink and I hate them. I have a single bed, a two-door wardrobe, a study desk, a standard lamp and a chest of drawers with a standing mirror beside them and built in shelving. My furniture doesn’t match and they’re really old (I’ve had the drawers and wardrobe for 11 years) and they’re covered in drawings from when I was a kid. I want to cover my walls with posters and stuff but I want a cute duvet cover, I think I want my walls to be white and I want white floorboards but the rest I don’t know. I know I want the furniture to be mainly white but that’s all I know. & I want to fill my shelves with books.
Does anyone know any websites to get cute furniture (that deliver in the UK and Ireland), and any suggestions?
I love:
-Supernatural and Harry Potter
-Tom Felton and Emma Watson
-Perks of being a wallflower
-The colours pink and white

I need to change everything, from lamps and lampshades to furniture to rugs and duvet covers and decoration. Everything! & I’m 14 but I don’t want it to look childish

Best answer:

Answer by ℓ εтs bℓ amε iт on sεpтεmbεr ♥
Okay, what if you did like a lime green for your wall (the color of the book for The Perks) and then you did your favorite quote from the book on the wall. I think that would be so awesome. Instead of having the regular ones like “Live Laugh Love,” create your own and make it a quote from the book. I think that’d be awesome.
I guess you could also fill your shelves with books. But, or even if you didn’t paint your walls lime green, white would be cool still too but I like the idea of the quote on the wall. That would be awesome (:

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Question by Polarbeargirl33: REALLY WANT TIPS ON GOING GREEN!!!?
I really want to go green a little more than i am now.

any takers?


Best answer:

Answer by cookies taste like violence
um become THE HULK!

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Green Companies Q&A: Will GREEN COMPANIES see an influx soon?

Question by Sloopie: Will GREEN COMPANIES see an influx soon?
such as the influx we’ve seen previously in oil industries (opec) technology (msft and aaple) automotive of course and banks (citi group)? Which companies will be the most prominent? i want to hop on the train before it leaves!

Best answer:

Answer by JRome3
if you don’t mind playing sub-penny stocks then take a look at Itronics (ticker: ITRO)
They don’t get much “greener” than that one and yes, the train is getting ready to leave the station.
Keep a close eye on them. ;-)

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Eco Friendly ProductsA Green Story

A Green Story

List Price: $ 3.99

Price: $ 3.99

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Live GreenBoulevard Of Broken Dreams (Live) [Explicit]

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Live) [Explicit]

List Price: $ 1.29

Price: $ 1.29

Fear Itself

List Price: $ 1.99

Price: $ 1.99

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Green Living Show Green Day ........... ?

Question by Andy: Green Day ……….. ?
Any chance that Green Day will come back to Ireland to play in Dublin or Belfast anytime in the forseeable future? They’re taking time out to record a new album in 2011 right? (or have i mixed them up with Paramore lol) but i need to see them so bad :( i really regret not going to see them last June, so next time they announce a show in Ireland i need to know asap :L so do you think they will announce one in the forseeable future? Or will they stay away from Ireland for years now :( ?

Best answer:

Answer by ?
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but they will most likely not go on tour again until their next album which could take a few years.
I really regret not going this year too :(
They are supposed to have a live album coming out spring 2011, but that’s just songs from the last concert they did.

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Alternative Energy Alternative Energy?

Question by asjklsmh: Alternative Energy?
What are the cons of alternative energy? Please provide websites where I can find this information. Also, I need reliable, scholarly sources. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Maria V
cons of alternative energy are most of the new fuel are environmental friendly also they last longer.
sorry no web

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Sustainable LivingThe Encyclopedia of Country Living, 40th Anniversary Edition

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 40th Anniversary Edition

  • Used Book in Good Condition

The essential resource for modern homesteading, growing and preserving foods, and raising chickens, The Encyclopedia of Country Living includes how to cultivate a garden, buy land, bake bread, raise farm animals, make sausage, can peaches, milk a g

List Price: $ 29.95

Price: $ 9.99

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Green Building Why is there not more information about alternative green building methods on this site?

Question by Rainbow Warrior: Why is there not more information about alternative green building methods on this site?

Got an answer about materials… I was asking about green building methods. Yes, materials are an important component but not the big picture. I want find info about straw bale, adobe and other types of construction beyond the “stick house” that is still so much the norm!

Best answer:

Answer by crazy_devil_dan
because it is a Q&A sight not a building materials site

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Green Living Room WallsFlower Lollipop-1 - Wall Decals Stickers Appliques Home Decor

Flower Lollipop-1 – Wall Decals Stickers Appliques Home Decor

  • Size: (W)13 inch x (H)23.5 inch; Colors: Mixed (as shown in the image)
  • Show your creativity by turning your wall into a beautiful work of art with wall art decals.
  • Simply apply this decal to your wall to immediately bring in a fresh new atmosphere and mood.
  • This decal would be perfect for nearly any room in the house: your living room, bedroom, etc.
  • With little cost or effort you can decorate your home without the trouble or expense of painting.

The decals are made of a high quality, waterproof, and durable vinyl and will stick to any smooth surface such as walls, doors, glass, cabinets, appliances, etc. You can add your own unique style in minutes! This decal is a perfect gift for friend or

List Price: $ 4.77

Price: $ 4.77

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Green Construction Q&A: Is San Fransisco a Green Area?

Question by Sho.johnny: Is San Fransisco a Green Area?

Best answer:

Answer by tonalc2
Depends what you mean by green area.

Do we have parks and such? Yes, especially Golden Gate Park.

Do you mean green in the ecological sense? We’re doing pretty good in that area. The waste management system has a very good recycling program, most businesses also recycle, city cars are being replaced with hybrids, and Mayor Gavin Newsom recently signed into law stringent green building codes for new construction and renovations of existing structures in the city.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Go Green Tips How can I live green? I need a few tips...?

Question by AleJanDRa…: How can I live green? I need a few tips…?
I really love the Earth, and I’m trying the best to work with the 3 R’s. But… Does anyone of you can give tips to living more green? It’s just because I want next generations to live in a better planet…

Oh! I forgot somethin’
I really need cheap tips haha… My parents would not like to pay a lot of money by living more green…

Best answer:

Answer by Rebecca T
There are some easy ways to do this and to save money at the same time:

1. Replace all or most of your light bulbs with Compact Flourscent Bulbs. This costs more upfront but will save you money in the long run.
2. Buy a low flow shower head so you use less water when you shower.
3. Use reusable containers for water instead of constantly using water bottles.
4. Use tupperware for lunch instead of ziploc bags or tin foil.
5. Lower the heat 1-2 degrees in the winter and raise the A/C 1-2 degrees in the summer.
6. Buy a programmable thermostat for your house so that heat or a/c is not on when you are not home. This will save you a lot of money.
7. Buy things made from recycled materials.
8. Unplug your chargers when not in use (cell phone, ipod, etc) they draw power even when not connected to the device.
9. When your appliances die get energy star efficient ones.
10. Borrow books from people and libraries instead of buying them.

These are just some ways to help that also save money (except maybe #7). Your energy and/or water bill will go down if you do some of these. Hope this helps.

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Green ConstructionConstruction Zone Musical Baby Crib Mobile by Sweet Jojo Designs

Construction Zone Musical Baby Crib Mobile by Sweet Jojo Designs

  • Full Set Includes: Musical Mobile Frame, Canopy with stuffed toys, and matching arm sleeve cover
  • Coordinates beautifully with the matching crib set by Sweet Jojo Designs
  • Music Box plays Brahm’s Lullaby (Cradle Song)
  • This design has matching accessories such as hampers, lamp shades, window treatments and wall decor
  • coordinating sheets, border, wall decals, shower curtains, mobiles, changing pads and pillows cases

Sweet Jojo Designs Children’s Musical Mobile are especially created to coordinate with their nursery bedding sets to complete the look and feel of the bedroom theme for your child. Lull your little one to sleep in style with this beautiful mobile tha

List Price: $ 42.99

Price: $ 42.99

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Green Tips Green/ DIY laundry tips?

Question by Steph: Green/ DIY laundry tips?
Found this and can’t wait to try it. Anyone know any other homemade/green tips for doing laundry?

Best answer:

Answer by Shan
I’m all in favor of “Green cleaning”, but homemade laundry soap doesn’t clean well. It can also leave a residue on your clothes and inside your washer. Besides, Borax is a poison, so it is not “green”.

Commercial laundry detergent isn’t all that polluting. It also isn’t that expensive when you consider that a bottle costs less than $ 10 and usually lasts for at least a month…often longer.

Going Green is much easier to do with cleaning other than laundry. For instance, with floors and windows simple water usually works.

Hope this helps.


Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Green Living Furniture7.5 ft. Acrylic Beach Umbrella by Frankford - Forest & White Select Options: No - Carry Bag Colors: Forest Green & White

7.5 ft. Acrylic Beach Umbrella by Frankford – Forest & White Select Options: No – Carry Bag Colors: Forest Green & White

  • 9 Oz Marine Grade Acrylic Fabric
  • 5.0 mm Zinc Plated Steel Ribs
  • Stainless Steel Joints & Rivets
  • Galvanized Steel Notch
  • Metal Bell Cap

Wood Center Pole
• 1 3/8″ Diameter Upper Pole
• 1 3/8″ Diameter Lower Point Pole

List Price: $ 179.99

Price: $ 179.99

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Living Green How can I live totally green ?

Question by rbisdabest: How can I live totally green ?

Best answer:

Answer by ♣i make plans to break plans♣
be Amish lol

*listens to wierd al*

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Green LivingYoga Clothes: YMX Tank Tops, Green Living Henna, L

Yoga Clothes: YMX Tank Tops, Green Living Henna, L

  • Designed in New York and made of YMX’s Lightweight MadKool Jersey 92% Polyester/8% Spandex
  • High-performance moisture-wicking helps regulate your body temperature
  • Permanent moisture-wicking, and sun-protection UPF 30+ will never wash out
  • Easy care machine wash & dry; does not retain odor
  • Slim fit, 24 3/4″ length (size M)

YMX Yoga Clothes: Tank Tops come in 4 styles: our classic Scoop Neck has bra-friendly straps; our Mesh-Neck tank adds the softest poly mesh for a feminine touch and a unique yoga clothes wardrobe, while still keeping you well covered; our Racerback s

List Price: $ 59.00

Price: $ 59.00

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Green Materials How do you make green pozole?

Question by Christina: How do you make green pozole?
Can somebody please give me a step by step recipe for green pozole? & a list of materials I will need.

Best answer:

Answer by ranunculusviridis
Green Pozole

Read Reviews (32)

“This version of the traditional Mexican pork stew is made in a slow cooker with prepared chicken broth, salsa, canned green chilies, and, of course, hominy.” — Herdez

Original recipe makes 8 servings


1 dried pasilla chile (chile negro)
2 (14.5 ounce) cans chicken broth
1 cup Herdez® Salsa Verde
1 pound Always Tender® pork tenderloins, cut into 1-inch cubes
1 pound chicken breast, cut into 1-inch cubes
1 large onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 bay leaf
2 teaspoons dried Mexican oregano
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 (4.25 ounce) can diced green chiles
2 (15 ounce) cans hominy


Soak the dried chile in boiling water for 20-30 minutes or until softened; drain well. Remove the stem from the chile and place the hydrated chile in a food processor with 1 cup of chicken broth. Puree until smooth.
Pour the pureed chile mixture into a slow cooker. Add the remaining ingredients to the slow cooker. Cover and cook on HIGH for 5-6 hours or LOW for 7-8 hours. Remove the bay leaf before serving. Spoon soup into bowls and serve with shredded lettuce, sliced radishes, onions, cheese and fresh cilantro.

PREP 15 mins
COOK 5 hrs
READY IN 5 hrs 35 mins

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Green Smart LivingAll Terrain KidSport SPF30 Oxybenzone-Free Natural Sunscreen Spray- Disney Phineas and Ferb (3-Ounce)

All Terrain KidSport SPF30 Oxybenzone-Free Natural Sunscreen Spray- Disney Phineas and Ferb (3-Ounce)

  • Oxybenzone-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free; Safe for sensitive skin
  • Very water/sweat resistant; Proven effective up to 80 minutes in water
  • Active ingredient: 19% Zinc Oxide. Non-nano, transparent and non-whitening
  • No eye sting and non-greasy
  • SPF 30; Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection

All Terrain's award-winning KidSport sunscreen spray is for parents who want natural, effective, oxybenzone- and paraben-free sunscreens. Offering broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide, All Terrain KidSport was rated

List Price: $ 15.99

Price: $ 6.63

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Green SolutionsHome to Office Solutions Simplicity 3-Shelf Bookcase, 35-Inch, Green

Home to Office Solutions Simplicity 3-Shelf Bookcase, 35-Inch, Green

  • Spacious and sturdy 3-shelf green bookcase with large storage capacity
  • Material: engineered particleboard made from recycled materials
  • Sturdy on flat surface and no hassle 10-minutes assembly
  • Formaldehyde free and non-toxic for your family and our environment
  • Measures 16.3 by 11.4 by 35 Inch

This simple stylish design 3-shelf bookcase is suitable for any room. It’s sturdy and large shelves are perfect for holding large books, small decorations or anything else that needs to be tucked away. Perfect for extra storage at the home, office or

List Price: $ 34.99

Price: $ 34.99

DEEP GREEN: Solutions to Stop Global Warming Now

  • The first major documentary on solutions to global warming

Almost every time we use energy, we burn carbon. Every time we burn carbon, we heat up the atmosphere. It’s a dirty fact that Global Warming cannot be stopped as long as fossil fuels run our planet. We can fix this! Over three years in the making, De

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 15.99

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Green Living DallasCooking Green: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in the Kitchen

Cooking Green: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in the Kitchen

Choosing local, organic foods benefits your health and the planet's. But how you cook is as important as what you cook: cooking itself is an under-reported yet substantial greenhouse gas creator. Now, Kate Heyhoe shows you how to think like an envi

List Price: $ 17.95

Price: $ 1.25

Green 4″x18″ DALLAS name aluminum novelty street sign great for indoor or outdoor long term use.

  • Made in USA
  • Show your pride
  • Made with .040 aluminum

This is a aluminum sign with applied vinyl graphics that will withstand the elements. Great room decoration and gift idea for the hard to shop for person. No Holes can be hung with double sided tape or holes can be easily drilled.

List Price: $ 11.99

Price: $ 11.99

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Green Energy Live Researching green/eco-friendly co-ops or student houses?

Question by Emily D: Researching green/eco-friendly co-ops or student houses?
Im considering building a house for university students that is green and centered on green living. I would like to find other examples to learn from. The house would be big, dorm-like (except with a kitchen, living room, etc.), rooming 10-12 students, and would necessitate everyone participating in green practices (composting, maintaining a garden, green cleaning, water conservation, energy conservation, waste reduction, etc.). I am hoping to also use this as a means of educating the community on green living.
SO any names, links to places like this would be very helpful! Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Paranormal Kitty
Well, I can’t think of any green ideas off hand, but I do have one suggestion. Pets should be allowed in the housing, and the design should take pets into consideration. This would encourage more students to live on campus. I’m a grad student and I would live on campus if I could take my cat with me, but it’s really hard to find pet-friendly on campus housing.

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Green Products what % of americans buy green cleaning products?

Question by clean fifi: what % of americans buy green cleaning products?
Want to know if people really prefer green cleaning products. If yes what %? If no, why not?

Best answer:

Answer by Julie
I have tried several of the green cleaning spray cleaners, they do not work for me at all and the spray part clogs up almost immediately.Same thing happened when I purchased a flying insect spray to keep the flies off the patio, sprayed a couple of squirts then nothing.

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Austin Green Living dallas vs austin. Thinking of relocating so we can live life outdoors and do something other than shop & eat?

Question by amber: dallas vs austin. Thinking of relocating so we can live life outdoors and do something other than shop & eat?
I moved to Mckinney in north DFW almost 3 years ago from the San Francisco area. We are looking at moving to Austin next year. My husbands travels for a living so we can relocate anywhere in Texas. I like Dallas and its been great for the education and the people, but i just cant find the outdoor activities that i truely love. How is the Austin suburbs for raising a family and living life outdoors? I would love any insight that you might have.

Best answer:

Answer by Cam B
If you are financially secure, this would be a great place to live (if you’re unemployed, this is not the best time to move here). I actually went to CA for college but came back home shortly after when my family was small (my kid was about 3), because it’s such a good place to raise children.

The cost of living is reasonable and there is a lot going on, but not so much that it’s a huge bustling metropolis like Houston or Dallas… and a lot of activities are outdoor-focused (parks, trails, lakes, etc.). If you want to be in the suburbs, you’d do well to aim south (Buda, Kyle, south Austin) instead of north to Round Rock, NW Hills or Wells Branch… the south end is MUCH closer to town and all the fun things to do, it’s less developed so it feels more authentic and airy, and of course you get a lot more for your money. It’s also more convenient to the airport if your husband will be flying out a lot. I’ve lived north and south, and vastly prefer being down south.

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How To Go Green Green day or My chemical romance?

Question by : Green day or My chemical romance?
Green day vs. mcr (ex. If you think Billie joe is better than Gerard, put green day next to singer)
Over all members:
First album:
Newest album:
Over all albums:
Over all:

Best answer:

Answer by Antares97
MCR all the way

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Green Homes Does anyone know the address for the HGTV Green Home 2009?

Question by Drea: Does anyone know the address for the HGTV Green Home 2009?
I tried finding the address on the website but they don’t have it. I was thinking that maybe somebody knows it but if not then that’s ok.

Best answer:

Answer by sanju
hay i m sanju

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Green Living Home Going green in an apartment?

Question by <3 Lola: Going green in an apartment?
i really want to go green more than we are now but we live in an apartment in a small town. we do recycle(live right next to the plant) and have as many fluorescent bulbs as we can have. it is not possible to get solar panels(not enough sun up here in the north). we are a family of 4 and usually have lights off. HELP PLZ!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by whsgreenmom
Going green is easy, there are so many great resources about the subject. My personal favorite is “The Green Book” which has parts of its book online as well at

As I have been striving to “Go Green” I realize it is like stepping back in time without getting rid of my modern conveniences. I’m doing many things I learned as a child, like line drying my clothes, sweeping instead of vacuuming, opening the windows in the morning to catch the cool breeze, only buying what I need instead of everything that looks cool, growing some of my own food, and canning what I can’t eat now.

To me “going Green” is a frame of mind. Do what fits your lifestyle and do the easy things first, it is a process and like dieting if you go to radical to soon, you are more likely to go back to bad habits. I also believe there are good, better, best choices in most things. If you aren’t ready to start a home garden, then try finding a farmers market, until you locate one look for produce grown as close to home as possible and go organic when available.

Many people think “going green” is expensive, I disagree. Some changes may take an initial investment, but they usually have a short payoff time. Things like weather stripping and insulation cost, but the energy savings will add up quickly. You may need to purchase reusable bags, but most stores give you a 5 or 10 cent credit, so you are paid back within a few months.

Reduce your packaging, if you eat more fresh food you will generally reduce packaging, it’s the same thing they tell dieters, shop the perimeter, that is where all the meat, dairy and produce are located. Only buy what you will use, many Americans throw away a lot of unused food. Buy in bulk, that doesn’t just mean large packages, but that area with the bins that you buy only what you plan on using.

Replace disposable items with durable items, if you eat outside often and use disposable paper or plastic plates, it is a wise investment to purchase a set of reusable plastic plates. Replace disposable razors, diapers and cleaning products like swiffer. Avoid bottled water, get a home filter like Pur or Brita.

Recycle, will help you locate the nearest recycle center. I try to only purchase plastics that are #1 or #2, they are more easily recycled. I also buy recycled products when available, that includes paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, tissue, school/office supplies and clothing.

Detox your cleaning, vinegar and baking soda clean almost anything, they can even loosen a hair clog. Seventh Generation and Method are a couple mainstream brands that are very earth friendly.

Just start small and build from there, don’t get overwhelmed.

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Green Home Design Q&A: best green cleaning supplies?

Question by kpmajesty: best green cleaning supplies?
I’m currently switching my cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet papers, etc. so they’re green and earth friendly. I want to know which ones are the best in terms of price, strength, and earth friendliness. I’m looking into three different brands specifically: Seventh Generation, Simple Green, and Green Works.

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Answer by Dia Chapa
Below is our green cleaning lineup along with those sent in by readers. … replace all of our cleaning supplies (liquids and powders) with natural and non-toxic products. … Green Roundup: Best Green Cleaning Solutions ..

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Eco Friendly Gifts I'm having an eco-friendly dance at my school that I'm planning....?

Question by ♪♫♪♫♪: I’m having an eco-friendly dance at my school that I’m planning….?
and we’re having a raffle to raise money for a local organization. Only, I have no idea what the raffle prizes should be! help pleaaaaseee!

They need to be eco-friendly but something that 13-14 year olds would want, you know??? Any ideas? PLEASE help!
Well, petn, because you just said it. Life is short. So why not try to make a difference now?

Besides, I plan stuff like this all the time. It looks good on a Yale application.

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Answer by D
Organic teas, bath sets, organic cotton tees, Organic make-up, chocolate, there are a ton of things. Check online.

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Eco Friendly ProductsMoso Bag 200g Natural

Moso Bag 200g Natural

  • Naturally helps remove odors, bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens
  • Dehumidifies to prevent mold, mildew, and excess moisture
  • Fragrance free, non-toxic, eco and pet friendly
  • Lasts up to two years
  • 100-Percent Bamboo Charcoal
  • Covers 90 sq. ft. perfect for cars, closets, bathrooms, pet areas.

View larger Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag 200g Covers 90 Sq. Ft. Ideal for Cars, Closets, Bathrooms, Pet Areas. What is the Moso Bag? The Moso Bag is a non-toxic, eco-safe, fragrance free, extremely effective air purifier that absorbs unpleas

List Price: $ 9.95

Price: $ 7.99

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