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Green Living Az Prettiest place to live in Arizona?

Question by BulletProof: Prettiest place to live in Arizona?
I live in Mesa, Arizona. (I’m 21) The problem is that I HATE the heat, we don’t get rain, it’s nothing but dirt and cactus, it’s pretty ugly. When I am someplace that is green and cool, I feel better. When it rains, I automatically feel more alive.

As you go further up the state it gets cooler and greener, but the population goes down and turns into the boonies.

I have Social Anxiety Disorder, so socializing is a problem for me. I am dependent a lot on my parents and sister for support and I don’t have any other family I am close to. So I’m afraid that even when I have enough money/independence to move that I wouldn’t want to move to another state and and not be close to them, or having to get used to a whole other state. I think I would really like living further up state but like I said, it turns into the boonies, and as much as I don’t like socializing much I don’t want to live somewhere that I have to drive out of town to get something I need.

So my question is, where are the most beautiful (non desert) places to live in AZ? But that doesn’t have too low of a population? So far in the research, Scottsdale looks pretty good.

I’ve watched the tv shows Hercules and Xena and they are filmed in New Zealand. It is so pure green there, so beautiful and amazing, I just ache to live someplace that wonderful but I really don’t think I could ever move to another country, especially when just moving states would scare me. I also love the green in Ireland and the beauty of Tuscany. (Yeah, I was born in the wrong place,) lol

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Answer by Yirmiyahu
No place better than Benson

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