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Lime Green Living Room Q&A: Teens: Any suggestions for decorating my room?

Question by This Is My Design: Teens: Any suggestions for decorating my room?
I have a tiny bedroom so I’m limited, my walls are pink and I hate them. I have a single bed, a two-door wardrobe, a study desk, a standard lamp and a chest of drawers with a standing mirror beside them and built in shelving. My furniture doesn’t match and they’re really old (I’ve had the drawers and wardrobe for 11 years) and they’re covered in drawings from when I was a kid. I want to cover my walls with posters and stuff but I want a cute duvet cover, I think I want my walls to be white and I want white floorboards but the rest I don’t know. I know I want the furniture to be mainly white but that’s all I know. & I want to fill my shelves with books.
Does anyone know any websites to get cute furniture (that deliver in the UK and Ireland), and any suggestions?
I love:
-Supernatural and Harry Potter
-Tom Felton and Emma Watson
-Perks of being a wallflower
-The colours pink and white

I need to change everything, from lamps and lampshades to furniture to rugs and duvet covers and decoration. Everything! & I’m 14 but I don’t want it to look childish

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Answer by ℓ εтs bℓ amε iт on sεpтεmbεr ♥
Okay, what if you did like a lime green for your wall (the color of the book for The Perks) and then you did your favorite quote from the book on the wall. I think that would be so awesome. Instead of having the regular ones like “Live Laugh Love,” create your own and make it a quote from the book. I think that’d be awesome.
I guess you could also fill your shelves with books. But, or even if you didn’t paint your walls lime green, white would be cool still too but I like the idea of the quote on the wall. That would be awesome (:

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