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Green Living Room Decorating Ideas Decorating "formal" living room...?

Question by Mom to one cute boy!: Decorating “formal” living room…?
My husband and I bought a new house!! We have 2 areas that could be the living room so we are making the other one with the tv. we’ve decided to make this a comforable relaxing space.
I’ve chosen the paint color
It’s a great color, i think. It’s greenish/gray..maybe?
Anyways this room has a bay window. I plan on putting a rocking chair in it, an antique lawyers bookcase and a green sofa in it. I have lamps and some antique tables that will be used as end tables. Other then that: i have no idea as far as other things to put in the room, including wall art. What are some suggestions?

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Answer by toorie
How about maps or monuments from around the world, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Statue of Liberty etc.

You can copy these from a magazine or perhaps the library. Have them blown up and you could have them in sepia color (to go along with the antique theme)

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