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Going Green Facts Going Green vs. Logic...?

Question by Lexi: Going Green vs. Logic…?
I posted this in the Environment-Other section, but I think it makes more sense here.

Does anyone else wonder why “Go green” is now synonymous with “save the planet”? The vast majority of the planet is water, and GREEN doesn’t always mean healthy. In fact, green is often construed as undesirable when it comes to bodies of water. Among other things. And what about glaciers, and arctic environments? Mostly WHITE. Deserts? Mostly BEIGE.

Wouldn’t a more rational assessment of Earth have concluded that something like “Go Blue” would have been more appropriate? Personally, I believe it would be best to abandon the cutesy color-themed motives altogether, but evidently society can’t handle that. I mean, really… Green? Yeah, it’s the color of grass. It’s nice, it’s associated with open fields and clean meadows… And polluted waters, house-consuming mold, and gangrene… Rotting in general really. And unhealthy stool. So don’t you think it may have been a relatively ignorant choice of words? “Go Green?” Green people scare me. Soon enough we’ll have the fanatics running amuck with body-enveloping tattoos that look like bad camouflage…

Anyway, I’d like an explanation. And if you can’t provide one (I don’t expect you to), I’d at least like counter-slogans for “Go Green.” Logical ones, preferably.

Actually, the MAJORITY of our oxygen is from the ocean. Do a little research- the rainforests are essential to our environment, but not just to produce oxygen. Plankon play a much more important role. Thus, the OCEANS are every bit as crucial, if not MORE crucial, than the green bits and pieces of our landmasses.

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Answer by Ta-Zu
…I think you have too much time on your hands.

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