Friday, March 28, 2014

Green Tips Green/ DIY laundry tips?

Question by Steph: Green/ DIY laundry tips?
Found this and can’t wait to try it. Anyone know any other homemade/green tips for doing laundry?

Best answer:

Answer by Shan
I’m all in favor of “Green cleaning”, but homemade laundry soap doesn’t clean well. It can also leave a residue on your clothes and inside your washer. Besides, Borax is a poison, so it is not “green”.

Commercial laundry detergent isn’t all that polluting. It also isn’t that expensive when you consider that a bottle costs less than $ 10 and usually lasts for at least a month…often longer.

Going Green is much easier to do with cleaning other than laundry. For instance, with floors and windows simple water usually works.

Hope this helps.


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