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Question by Andy: Green Day ……….. ?
Any chance that Green Day will come back to Ireland to play in Dublin or Belfast anytime in the forseeable future? They’re taking time out to record a new album in 2011 right? (or have i mixed them up with Paramore lol) but i need to see them so bad :( i really regret not going to see them last June, so next time they announce a show in Ireland i need to know asap :L so do you think they will announce one in the forseeable future? Or will they stay away from Ireland for years now :( ?

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but they will most likely not go on tour again until their next album which could take a few years.
I really regret not going this year too :(
They are supposed to have a live album coming out spring 2011, but that’s just songs from the last concert they did.

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