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Go Green Tips How can I live green? I need a few tips...?

Question by AleJanDRa…: How can I live green? I need a few tips…?
I really love the Earth, and I’m trying the best to work with the 3 R’s. But… Does anyone of you can give tips to living more green? It’s just because I want next generations to live in a better planet…

Oh! I forgot somethin’
I really need cheap tips haha… My parents would not like to pay a lot of money by living more green…

Best answer:

Answer by Rebecca T
There are some easy ways to do this and to save money at the same time:

1. Replace all or most of your light bulbs with Compact Flourscent Bulbs. This costs more upfront but will save you money in the long run.
2. Buy a low flow shower head so you use less water when you shower.
3. Use reusable containers for water instead of constantly using water bottles.
4. Use tupperware for lunch instead of ziploc bags or tin foil.
5. Lower the heat 1-2 degrees in the winter and raise the A/C 1-2 degrees in the summer.
6. Buy a programmable thermostat for your house so that heat or a/c is not on when you are not home. This will save you a lot of money.
7. Buy things made from recycled materials.
8. Unplug your chargers when not in use (cell phone, ipod, etc) they draw power even when not connected to the device.
9. When your appliances die get energy star efficient ones.
10. Borrow books from people and libraries instead of buying them.

These are just some ways to help that also save money (except maybe #7). Your energy and/or water bill will go down if you do some of these. Hope this helps.

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