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What Is Green Living Is Green Day any good live?

Question by potcfan2003: Is Green Day any good live?
Green Day has been my favorite band for as long as I can remember. I’m 15 now, and I remember asking for one of their CDs for my 6th birthday. I’ve been dying to see them in concert since then, but I’m hesitant about buying tickets. Some people have told me they’re awful in concert, but other people say they’re amazing. This girl I know has seen them 4 times, and she says some concerts were really good, others not so much. I just don’t want to go see this band that I absolutely love, and have it ruined for me, because I know I’ll be dissapointed beyond belief if their concert sucks, and I really don’t want that. Can someone who has seen them in concert leave me their honest opinion? I’m probably going to end up lunging at tickets next time they tour regardless of your answers, but I want to know what to expect.

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Answer by иαтє
I dont like it much, they have better vocals on CD. But if you want some thrill, some punk, and alot of excitement go to a green day concert (:

Trust me if you liked them since 6, you arent gunna regret going to the concert

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