Monday, June 16, 2014

Green Living Forums Can I Get A Link To Listen To A Green Day Song?

Question by Blakely Wintersfield: Can I Get A Link To Listen To A Green Day Song?
I wanna listen to ‘I Saw My Parents Kissing Santa Claws’ by Green Day. I saw the lyrics and thought, ‘I SO have to hear this!’ But it’s not on YouTube. And I can’t seem to find it ANYWHERE. Can I please have an audio link to the song?

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Answer by Nimrod409
I don’t think it exists. Green Day is my favorite band, so if there was such a thing I’d probably know about it. =) Anyway, the lyrics thing you saw was probably a mistake or just someone being weird. I’ve seen that on a lot of lyric sites, songs under artists that never even sang them.

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