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Brown And Green Living Room Ideas I hate my room???????

Question by Your favorite psychopath: I hate my room???????
I hate my room. My step dad made me trade rooms with my siblings and now I have their small green room. Before I had a brown room that was kind of big but they painted if blue for them and I have their ugly vomit green room. I also got a stupid loft bed which I hate and want my old queen size bed with no frame back. The closest I have to it is my futon which isn’t as big :( I don’t know it brings back nostalgia and I want it back. Also I have this shítty real pale tan wood furniture with flowers on it that I hate. What should I do it’s really getting to me :(

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Answer by Skylark in ♥
The first thing you have to do is take your emotions off the burner and simmer down. Spewing resentment is going to make your parents less willing to agree to changes that could be simply made to improve and personalize the room you’re now in. Accept that they had you switch rooms for a reason, and set your mind and creativity on bettering your new space. Since the color of your walls makes a significant difference in the look and feel of your room and paint is fairly inexpensive, start by asking if you can repaint your room. If money is a factor, then go to a store like Home Depot and see if they have any “oops cans” available. These are cans of paint that a customer was unhappy with or changed his / her mind about, but are still quality paint. In January stores like Home Depot sometimes have sales on paint, so that’s another thought. Pick a new color. Be aware that sometimes colors can look quite different on the walls than on a paint chip, so try to avoid ones that are too bright, too dark, or too bold. You could do three walls in a more neutral color like a white, soft gray, or beige, or have one accent wall in a more dynamic color. Offer to do the painting yourself since it’s simple to do and there are heaps of YouTube tutorial videos you can watch. You’ll mainly just need help moving the furniture and perhaps with reaching some spots. If you can’t repaint, then look for ways to cover the wall. Hanging some art, sports memorabilia, tapestries (Urban Outfitters carries a lot for teen rooms) or framed pictures on the wall and a few pieces of decor can make a difference.

Ask if you can have your old bed moved back in. If you can’t, then ask if there’s a way to have your loft bed reconfigured. Most are built in such a way that you can remove the bed frame from the loft and have it on the floor. See if you can get new bedding that a nice duvet cover / comforter and pillows so the bed will be more appealing to you.

Some furniture can be repainted. This can be quite a task since you typically have to sand the piece down first, prime it, and then paint it, but it’s usually something that can be done over one weekend. Maybe you could paint your furniture white or some other color. I just repainted my nightstand white with ombre drawers (three different shades of blue), and it was very simple and inexpensive to do, but had a major impact. If your parents say no to repainting your furniture and you can’t switch it with any other pieces in your house, find a way to make peace with what you have. I live in a college dorm room with seriously hideous furniture, and make it look better by draping fabric over the top and adding some pretty decor on top.

Brainstorm ways to decorate your room and make it a space you’ll enjoy being. There are a ton of places where you can gather ideas online, so go in search of them. YouTube has a lot of “room tour” videos, so you might get inspired by ideas you see in rooms shown there.

Good luck!

~ skylark : )

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