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Alternative Energy why should we not rely on alternative energy?

Question by Chantelle: why should we not rely on alternative energy?

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Answer by Nightwind
Well, for one thing there is a problem with the reliablity.
Take a look at the years upon years of questions regarding Wind energy
September 2004

Report doubts future of wind power – Germany Study
26 February 2005

Wind farms criticized as costly an inefficient in report by renewable energy group – UK
06 October, 2008

Small Wind Sucks, Test Finds
July 29, 2009

Wind Turbines Leave Clouds and Energy Inefficiency in Their Wake
01.22.2010 – UK
February 3,2011 – operated at only 24 per cent of their capacity

Lack of wind hits wind energy production – Netherlands
28 February 2011

Lack of wind saw Scottish land-based turbines idle for four-fifths of 2010
02April 2011

Solar of course is limited by sun availability which comes down to battery technology for night time use. Unfortunately, the technology for deep charge, long term use batteries haven’t changed in decades.

Nuclear is a viable option, regardless of what the “sky is falling” idiots out there, there’s been relatively few nuclear accidents. The 3 mile island one hardly counts since it was merely the release of some steam pressure that they couldn’t prove had any contamination or not. And no long term effects developed.

Alternative energy does have a place, here and there, but alot of what we have done is a bust because the government hasn’t built an infrastructure for any one, main resource. The E-85 ethanol was an idiotic move since it turns to gel in cold climates, it burns up small engines and fouls boat engines that were never designed to use it….yet the government forced it on us.

The most promising I’d say is Bio Diesel created from algae vegetable oil. Algae grows fast, doesn’t effect the commodity market, can created different grades of fuel and is carbon neutral since it removes CO2 in the growing process before being used as fuel.

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