Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lime Green Living Room Room decorating ideas?

Question by Hayley: Room decorating ideas?
I’m now 15, & trying to transform my bedroom from young teenager to a more sophisticated, young adult look. Now I have lime green walls, bright blue curtains, & tons of colors everywhere. Almost no wall space, and white wicker furniture (from when we lived in Florida). I was thinking a light tan wall color, because my room is a bit small and I don’t want it feeling even smaller with a dark color. I’ve started to remove things on my wall, & putting up simple photographs of Chicago (my love). I would like some tips on some furniture & decorating ideas! Plus nothing too expensive; I’l be off to college in a couple years!

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Answer by Giggles
I would have some either nice black wood/furniture because it would look nice with the tan walls. The bedding could be a nice white. Then you could have some nice vases and/or sophisticated random pictures on the wall of your room. In the vases would be some white roses to make the room go together. If you wanted, a white and/or black rug could be in there wherever there was room. And whatever other decorative things you think would look good with the ensemble would look great!

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