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Sustainable Home Design Any suggestions for materials to use for building an eco-friendly house?

Question by wiseguy: Any suggestions for materials to use for building an eco-friendly house?
I’m planning to build a house (about 1400 square feet) that will hopefully be mostly off the power grid. What sorts of non-toxic building materials and (or) viable forms of sustainable energy generating sources for heating, cooling, and lighting a house can you recommend? I already have a cabin in the woods with kerosene lanterns, a fire place, and a wood burning stove.
Bamboo is an excellent material (for flooring)…but quartz crystals? You may be on to something. Atlanteans supposedly used quartz to harness energy…but that technology is lost to us now, if in fact it ever existed.

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Answer by judy m
We just built a 1500 sq ft home. The best advice I can pass on is to use recycled materials when you can. You would be surprised how much you can gather and it’s usually free.
Take your time to do research and plan your home with the most energy efficient DESIGN for your home. I spent a year working on a passive solar design that met all my needs. It was the least expensive way to go for us. With it I have the most amazing natural lighting, I only need one ceiling fan for cooling (and open windows) for 90% of the time, ( i live in texas, it’s hot) and for now just one propane heater in the great room.
My favorite purchase has to be my on demand hot water heater. May you be blessed with a building site that offers the best options for your design!!!!!!

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