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Eco Green Living Living Green Questions?

Question by cassy: Living Green Questions?
Hi. Im a senior in high school and i’m doing my project on living green and i need to interview people. if you could please answer these questions for me and send them back that would be soo great. Thank you (: also when u send back can I get your name along with it too.

1)Why should people live green?
2)What are the benefits of living green?
3)Does it cost a lot to live green?
4)How has living green made your life better?
5)Do you think living green is a big benefit?
6)How has living green changed your life?
7)Since when did you start living green?
8)Do you know a lot of people who live green?
9)How can you get started living green?
10)What things can you do to live green?
11)What does living green do for you?
12)How does living green help your environment and community?
13)Is living green a benefit for your health?
14)Why don't most people live green?
15)Why did you choose to live green?

and if you have any thing to add your welcome to! (:

Best answer:

Answer by Denmark
1) to save the enviroment and to live healthier.
2)we live in a healthy and beautiful enviroment, fresh air, avoid pollution
4)helthier, happier, = better life
6)love and protect the enviroment the planet and os the place u live in) makes u love ur self and others.
7) this year
8)not many
9)from your neighbarhood and the enviroment close to you
10)recycling,buying things that are eco- friendly , make ur house green= use solar energy so to improve ur heating systems at home and produce ur own energy from renewable energy sources
11) cheaper life, healthier life=happier life
12)cheaper life, healthier life=happier life. also is nice to know that u r working with ur community for a common cause because it brings community closer
14)due to their past habit, because sometimes its easier to only think about yourself and not the others and the enviroment, but this doesnt mean that is better.
15) i made that decision as a choice for a life. its time to thing about the enviroment too. and also because i believe that the enviroment and not only humans, has soul too. (religion view)

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