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Green Living Newsletter An easy way to make money?

Question by earth_akatsuki999: An easy way to make money?
I am 14 and i am trying to save up for an ipod touch. i live with my mom and dad and i need an easy way to get A LOT of money other than special occasions. My goal is to hopefully get it by the beginning of november.
I also dont want those get paid to sites or any other online thing cuz I AM 14 AND I DON’T HAVE PAYPAL

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Answer by rayt721
I only wish I could go back to being 14 again knowing what I know now about money and business. For one thing you are not going to make “A LOT” of money working for someone else. Employers don’t pay what people are really worth because after taxes and expenses, they don’t earn much. YOU are the one who needs to start up and run your own business doing what you enjoy, are good at, and can run legally and ethically. It doesn’t matter if you start up a window washing company or sell framed photographs of penguins … what matters is that you find customers that want to buy the products you are selling or wish to hire you over your competition to have services done that you are capable of doing for them. Think about the needs of the elderly and disabled. They probably need painting done (house/rooms/basements) but they can’t do the work. Think about those who want to learn to use computers but can’t afford college classes. Think about helping people write resumes or request and manage their credit reports. Think about setting up a bill paying service or coupon clipping business for those who don’t have the time or knowledge. You’re young enough to learn all kinds of things that you can do, write about, talk about, or teach. There are sooo many options for you that you probably can’t decide which route to take. You could help small businesses write business plans and do the marketing research for them. You can type up flyers and even pass them out. You could sell energy efficient light bulbs, programmable thermostats and other green and/or non-toxic products. You could do housework or yardwork or clean attics. You can set up a neighborhood recycling center selling scrap metals to businesses that buy it and help your family, friends and neighbors at the same time. What about planning parties? shopping? cooking or baking? making crafts? scanning photos for people from their old pictures? selling your own line of t-sh! irts or aprons or coffee mugs or bumper stickers with unique photos or slogans??? You can learn to help people write their wills and set up trusts. You can partner with local handymen to help them get business. What about website design? What about writing a newsletter for other teens on whatever topics interest you (and them)??? Why not think about setting up computers or DVD equipment for new buyers? Why not help people create myspace or facebook accounts or websites??? Why not help people encypt their emails or make lists of passwords to help them secure themselves? Why not help people update their home personal address books or make labels for their Christmas card lists/invitations??? Your computer can help you in many ways for people who don’t have computers. Sell stuff for local businesses on Ebay or other mediums. Why not host puppet shows or story hours for kids to give parents a break for an hour or two??? Hopefully you have a few ideas to brainstorm now but your library will have books (several titles) that can help you even more. Check them out!!! Look into Junior Achievements at the link below. Ask family, friends, neighbors for honest feedback on your skills and presentations and work that business. Yes, at 14 you can have your own business and make A LOT of money.

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