Sunday, June 1, 2014

Green Living Magazine New Cowboy Bebop Live Action Movie Cast?

Question by Deanna: New Cowboy Bebop Live Action Movie Cast?
I know that they are making one and it WAS suppose to come out in 2011, but it had to be redone cuz’ of the budget cuts. Me and my sister where thinking who would make a good cast as the actors. I know the person that is gonna play Spike Spiegel is Keanu Reeves but they don’t know who gonna play the rest of the characters. Me and my sister where thinking that the person who will play a good Faye is Ashley Green (Alice from Twilight). But who do you think will make good cast for Cowboy Bebop.

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Answer by Allister
All I know is that whenever they do real life action movies of anime, they freaking end up ruining it. Look at what they did to Dragon Ball Z with that crap Dragon Ball Evolution…the horror

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