Sunday, June 1, 2014

Eco ProductsnetAQUA 9D WIFI Sprinkle-Smart WiFi Irrigation Controller

netAQUA 9D WIFI Sprinkle-Smart WiFi Irrigation Controller

  • Pro-grade water savings plus plant protection using international Internet weather service and optional local microclimate sensors
  • Ethernet with WiFi option, easy to use from computer, tablet, smartphone, and local LCD interface for off-network control
  • Flow sensor option tracks usage and detects line breaks with automatic shutoff and alarms
  • Expandable 9-45 zones, weatherproof enclosure, industrial grade components, secure access
  • Supports indexing valves and well recovery, high wind, freeze and hot weather protection

The netAQUA Sprinkle-Smart Irrigation Controllers with optional WiFi are professional grade do-it-all lawn and garden watering controllers that take full advantage of the Internet to conserve water while protecting your plants. Designed for home or b

List Price: $ 299.00

Price: $ 299.00

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