Sunday, June 22, 2014

Green Materials Q&A: help on green screen?

Question by flamable: help on green screen?
iam 14 me and my friends want to film youtube videos in my garage but the problem is my garage looks like a shit hole but we has designated a way to get a green / blue screeen so the camera shows a good background but theres a problem ….. we dont have one my only thing close is a blue water bed which from a cameras POV looks like a blue wall , could that work im from the uk so we dont have wall green although we do have wallmart how do i get a green / blue screen cheap or just make with out hassle bear in mind we are teenagers and we are skint , advice would be appriciated

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Answer by zaoutsosarthuratyahoocom
convince your mom that your living room would look great a chroma key green

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