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Energy Efficient Homes What would be the most energy efficient washer/dryer combo for home use?

Question by fotofarie: What would be the most energy efficient washer/dryer combo for home use?
we are getting our first house and have 2 of each (one set is ours and one set left with the house). i would like to sell those and put the money towards a new set that uses the least amount of water and energy. we do have a closeline that i use most of the time, but winters and rainy days are not as conducive to drying as summer sunshine is!
also, for those who are owners – what kind do you have and how satisfied are you with your energy efficient washer and dryer?

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Answer by bzzz500
Im not sure this will help but first look to see if the washer is front loading, these tend to use much less water and do a much better job of cleaning plus they wash bigger loads so its a win win situation. If they are both front loaders then look on the plate on the back to see how much energy they use, this would give you a good indication of which uses less power. As far as the dryer is concerned they all seem to use about the same amount as they all have the same type of heaters installed in them, (they are all front load).
I have had a Bosch front load for about 1 and 1/2 years and so far has been the best i have ever owned but there are many more on the market nowdays so check with consumer reports. Hope that helps

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