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Green Living Books green cheek conure???????????????

Question by Paige B: green cheek conure???????????????
I will be getting a bird soon and i want to get a green cheek conure.
I am in the 8th grade so i will be gone 6hrs a day.

This would be the first bird ive ever owned
so i want to know if a conure is a good starter bird.
I have done lots of reserch on different types of birds and i plan on buying a book about them.

and would this cage be an aproprite size for a conure

Outside Dimensions (w/Stand): 18″L x 18″W x 57″H
Outside Dimensions (w/o Stand): 18″L x 18″W x 41″H
Living Space for Bird: 17.5″L x 17.75″W x 20.25″H
Bar Spacing: 1/2″

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Answer by pupdog10
Conures are amazing, I got one over the summer, and yes, they are WONDERFUL, they will be fine home alone, and are such sweethearts. Some of them absolutely ADORE being on your shoulder and cuddling up in your neck :) We named ours Clyde. As for the cage, it should be ok.

Ps: The bird may be EXTREMELY timid at first, just let him/her get used to you <3

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