Saturday, June 7, 2014

Green Living Room What color should I paint my living room?

Question by Stretch: What color should I paint my living room?
I have a some what small living room and need help with picking a good color. I have a black couch with multi color cushions colored with a little of each color (black, blue, light brown, gold) I also have a large brown ottoman that will stay in the living room and a fire place with light brown tile trim work that leads to the floor. I will be placing medium light color laminated floors down after I paint.

I wanted to color the living room a light green..not bright green, but think that color would clash with the couch.

Please can I get any suggestions without getting rid of the couch?

Best answer:

Answer by Nirmala
my suggestion is to choose a color that creates a mood for your living room and at the same time matches with your couch, like light brown.

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