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Brown And Green Living Room Ideas living room decorating: finding a couch, & paint colors?

Question by <333 =D: living room decorating: finding a couch, & paint colors?
My family is looking to redo our living room and we are looking for a nice, chocolate brown sectional sofa. Recliners would be preferred :)
something like this maybe…

but in chocolate brown? If you could give me a link to a store that carries something like that, it would be MUCH appreciated! thanks!

also, we are going to repaint our living room, and want to know what colors would look good with the chocolate brown… we were thinking maybe a nice sage green, gold, or even red? or maroon? thanks!

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Answer by A.Miles
Try the Brick, Ashley Furniture, Sears.

Most colours go great with brown, I would try picking a wall colour and an accent colour. You don’t need to necessarily find a couch and matching chairs. I find it looks better if you have the chairs in the colour of the wall or accent colour.

A nice sage green will go lovely with the brown but I would match it up with an ivory to lighten the room up a bit. A brown couch would look wonder full next to two chairs that are perhaps an ivory colour with a green pattern on it. Put brightly coloured pillows on the brown couch.

edit: Sorry I just looked at the picture you had attached. That is not a chocolate brown. I was thinking something darker. And sectionals are never a good idea, they take up to much space and make a room look tiny. It’s a better idea to have a couch, and chairs, have a few different thing that can turn into extra seating if needed. It will make you room look so much better.

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