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Simple Living Q&A: can you live with crooked teeth?

Question by Valentin Flores: can you live with crooked teeth?
Hey. Im a teen male, 16, and allow me to say that my teeth are reeeally not in the best form and with that my parents cannot afford braces so im stuck with them. I do brush my teeth everyday and take care of them. They are white and healthy but again .. Crooked.. I am a good looking person from what people tell me. Im in shape, very social, great eyes, stylish. but my teeth are the biggest and only flaw of mine. I’ve had a fairly active dating life my whole life but what i really want to know is can i live with these teeth my whole life? Any tips, warnings or advice from anyone with a similar experience?

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Answer by ethai15
the simple answer is yes you can live is crooked teeth. in my opinion, as someone who has gone through braces, it’s if they hinder your daily life is when you should start questioning if you can live with it or not which by the sounds of it you’ll be fine

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