Sunday, June 8, 2014

Green Living Room Walls Q&A: I need living room design help!?

Question by dance with me: I need living room design help!?
In my living room, I have dark green couches, black tables and shelves and black tv stand with all black picture frames and a black big screen. I also have two dark red wing back chairs and a dark red rug. There are a also a mixture of red and black throw pillows. My question is: should I go with dark green drapes and a light green wall paint? (all hardwood floors). If not, what color of drapes and wall paint? I can’t do dark red drapes because my dinning room has bright white walls, dark red drapes that match my dark red rug and center piece. Help!!!

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Answer by chinchillagirl96
In my living-room I have teal wall paint. I think it would look good to put either white drapes or dark green drapes with it. But I think you should stay away from white bacause everything stains it, and if it gets at all dusty, it shows up. especially if you have pets or children. I think that a more bluish teal and dark green drapes would look really good with your decor, but its up to you. ;)

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