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Green Living Newsletter Should people with genetic/DNA issues be allowed to have kids?

Question by Kelly Krisna: Should people with genetic/DNA issues be allowed to have kids?
Shouldn’t the media at least make this an issue to socially discourage it in society, as they did with racism?

Before you start: I’m pretty much genetically perfect. Never had surgery. Zero allergies. Perfect Health etc. The only things that “run” on both sides is mild alcoholism (big deal) and a couple people who see the psychologist (who doesn’t flip out every once in a while?). I’m talking about physical DNA. Long life also runs on both sides of the family with people living into their 90′s and a few times 100′s. I don’t want to ruin that lineage. So someday, if I have kids, I will need to make sure my mate has good genetics too. Now I can understand following your heart when selecting a mate. But what about following the truth? What about scientific facts? What about reality?

YOU SEE all these people in real life – and on TV – who without the help of modern medicine, would die. They take all this medication to sustain them. They need major surgery to live. They are predisposed to all kinds of genetically related ailments. And it only seems like it’s getting worse. What I mean is with each new generation, younger and younger people are needing more modern medical care which without it they would die. In the past nature would have killed them off. Today they live and reproduce. This is now the direction of human evolution and nobody thinks twice about it.

Example: A 16 year old girl has a second bone marrow transplant and she is on the news and they are praising what a miracle it is she is still alive. The newscaster smiles and encourages her while he says:

“would you like to have kids someday?”
“do you have a boyfriend”
-hehe yes
“how many kids would you like”

Does anyone see what I’m taking about here? Are you going to tell me it’s okay? Come on people. Stop using your emotions for one second and THINK for a change.

I’m all for the advancement of modern medicine – yes – but do you really think people with genetic issues should be allowed to have kids? I know it’s “mean” but facts are facts.

Allot of you people are side stepping the issue and using excuses to justify this.

Your saying nobody is perfect so it’s all the same. But your totally disregarding probability. That is what genetics are. And those people with a 1 in a million chance of producing a bad combination are clearly superior to those with a one in 10 chance. And you are saying in essence – “it’s all the same”.

I don’t buy that. Also allot of people are biased because themselves or someone they love etc fit the shoe. So they are saything this.

I agree with that one mans comment but I I think the government COULD set something very simple up like mandatory sterilization of people with obvoius series genetic diseases.

What would be wrong with that?

Best answer:

Answer by Bearbeast “AGAIN”
I think stupid people should not have kids.

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