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Green Living Az Green card process started before we met and now getting married.?

Question by l s: Green card process started before we met and now getting married.?
My bf has been in the US for 10 years and is nearing the end of his green card process. I’m a US citizen and we’re not sure what to do about the process now since we’ve decided to get married. Does he let it “play out” or does he start the process over again? Will our marriage affect it any? We live in AZ if that matters. Thanks

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Answer by prairiegrassland
If he has already qualified for a green card and expects to receive the card soon, then do nothing. He does not need to start the process again. Because he is marrying a US citizen, he will become eligible to naturalize in three years instead of five. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Edit: Fred is correct that if your boyfriend is being petitioned as a single child by a US citizen or LPR parent or if he getting a derivative green card through a parent who is also getting one, then getting married, even to a US citizen, will cause problems with completing the process of getting a green card. If your boyfriend is getting a green card through any other means, including being sponsored by sibling, then marriage shouldn’t be a problem.

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