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Brown And Green Living Room Ideas Chocolate Brown Sofa with shabby chic?

Question by megan c: Chocolate Brown Sofa with shabby chic?
Hey there, I’m decorating my apartment on a budget, and am in love with two different design schemes. The first being shabby chic and the second being a bright happy type pallet (bright greens, pinks and purples).

I just found a very nice sofa and loveseat set and the price is right, but was actually looking for something different. (Here is the pic)

Do you think I can work it in somehow? Or should I change my original design ideas?

To make is easier to visualize, the livingroom, and dining room are together (one long room) with the kitchen off to one side. The walls are currently beige, and I have walnut floors. The kitchen has blonde cabinetry and a black with brown and gold flecked countertop.

Any help you can give me is really appreciated!!!
And yah theres points in it for the best answer….

Best answer:

Answer by Carmen D
The sofa is fine.

For a shabby chic living room, choose a lot of pale colors, preferably white. The shabby chic style is light and feminine. Add some fresh flowers to the room, romantic floral painting, vintage accessories etc.

If you are going for bright colors, than I would choose earth tones such as greens and blues. But hot pink would look great with brown as well. ;) Add some throw pillows to the couch, some colorful art work on the walls, an area rug, etc.

Hope this helps and good luck! =)

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