Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Green Living Room Decorating Ideas Decorating ideas? Help I'm an engineer!?

Question by Lnc: Decorating ideas? Help I’m an engineer!?
hey =) I’m just… stumped on how to decorate my room!… I know its unlikely anyone will have good ideas, but I’m surprised at times.

I would like to express myself. I am artistic, but sketches already own the living room. I have a huge award winning PC (takes 2 people to move upstairs) that is staying.. made the case myself.. .. and I’m thinking of moving the hundreds of manga (comics) out..

Haha, so yeah, stumped. I want to be expressive, and be able to keep a girl over! I’m an engineer.. I’ll end up buying The Big Bang Theory (tv show) and The Hobbit posters! Or maybe more anime ones! Gah!

ps, limited employment.. student.. poor.. 20 dollar item max.. A good amount of unused spacing.. and no ceiling fixtures.
… wow… seems I’ll be trying again..

Best answer:

Answer by Angel
i like urban outfitters

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