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Sustainable Home Design girl scout gold award ideas?

Question by gymnasticsfreak5: girl scout gold award ideas?
help pleasee it needs to be a sustainable project

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Answer by Miz T
The first step toward choosing a project is “Choose an issue: Use your values and skills to identify a community issue you care about.” You will have to look around your community and identify several issues that are important in the community. Every community is different, and yours will have to fit your community.

If I looked around my community, the first thing I’d notice is the lack of sidewalks. People have to walk or run for exercise on a busy street with no sidewalks. I might research the issue by calling the County Manager’s office and/or the State Department of Transportation to determine how we can get sidewalks put in, and then follow up from there. Even if ultimately the government says they have no plans for sidewalks, and you can’t get 100 percent of the residents to contribute their share to having sidewalks installed, you could still learn a lot from the process of the project.

In some communities, there is an issue of access to fresh vegetables. As a solution, city governments have made vacant city-owned property available for community gardens. The land is divided up into convenient-sized plots and users pay a user fee that covers water and peripheral maintenance. Often, help is provided by the County Agricultural Extension office, and users help each other with advice and experience. First Lady Michele Obama has just published a book on the White House Kitchen Garden with helpful information about gardening in general and community gardens in particular. If your community could use a community garden, you could research the possibilities and take it from there.

A friend in another area found a group of homeless people who were living in the woods near her church. The church was letting them use their facilities to shower, make phone calls, and have an address to get mail (and use on job applications). What my friend did was get people to donate personal care items and small things that would fit into a bag about 6″ x 9″. Then she got a knitting group to knit individually designed 6″ x 9″ bags, with drawstring closures, that the items would fit into. The bags were then distributed to the homeless persons in the group.

Something that people around here have been talking about is working with the large population of senior citizens who do not live in one of the nursing homes, assisted living, or senior apartment facilities. Those folks have someone around all the time with full information on the drugs they take and when, their emergency contacts, their health-care powers of attorney, registration of their end-of-life decisions, and that sort of thing. However, the numerous retirees who live at home in normal apartments and houses don’t have anyone who holds that information for them. You might research to see what information people need to have available in case of emergency–what would EMS need if the 9-1-1 call is made? Perhaps you could develop a 9″ x 13″ envelope with the emergency phone numbers on the outside–physicians’ phone numbers, close relatives names and phone numbers–as well as any specific information (diabetic on insulin, pacemaker, and so on) that would be helpful in an emergency. On the inside could be lists of medications and when they are taken, care instructions for any pets in the household, medical insurance cards, location of personal items needed, an extra house key, and other necessary items to be determined by your research. The envelopes would be distributed to people who could use them, perhaps when they sign up for your community’s “Are You Okay?” phone calls (another project possibility if your community does not have the service).

I hope these ideas help and at least get you pointed in the direction of a project that will benefit both you and your community.

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