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Green Living Room Walls Kitchen/Living Room share a wall..what color to use?

Question by lk122071: Kitchen/Living Room share a wall..what color to use?
I have beige countertops & medium to dark brown cabinets. My vinyl floor is also a medium to dark brown color. My appliances are white & black. Three of my walls are red & one beige. The beige wall is on the side w/ the breakfast nook & this wall continues into the living room…so I have one long wall. The red paint in the kitchen is glossy & the shine from this paint is making the beige wall in the breakfast nook look pink. I thought about painting the living room & kitchen 1 color (a different shade of cream or beige) 2 tie them together or maybe the three red walls one color & the the long breakfast nook/living room wall (and the other walls in the living room) a lighter shade of the same color. I would like to keep the red but maybe just as an accent color. I don’t know what color would look good w/ the beige countertops in the kitchen (if I use a shade of beige). BTW, I don’t do green! Any suggestions?

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Answer by Lisa D
i have a kitchen with red walls and it opens to my living room which is painted a subtle golden yellow. i think the colors compliment each other well. of course it depends on the colors of your living room furniture and accessories. i personally think yellow goes well with most everything. it comes in so many different shades & tones making it really easy to coordinate with other colors.

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