Sunday, May 18, 2014

Green Living Room Walls Advice on accent wall color...?

Question by thedragstergirl: Advice on accent wall color…?
In our townhome the floor plan is very open and I am looking to add some color to our living room/dining room/kitchen. I plan on painting the walls a creamy taupe color and our couch is sage green and so is our curtains in the living room. I am looking for a good accent wall color, I was thinking maybe a nice deep red on the wall of the windows with the sage green curtains and then across the room in the dining room maybe a light sage green on one wall. Would this look bad? If anyone thinks this would looks bad, suggestions would be great.

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Answer by Tiss
I think red accent walls have been done too much. Red is a really hard color to paint with. It takes many coats, and even then doesn’t look that great. If you must do an accent wall, why not use the same color as the rest of the room, only two shades darker?

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