Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Green Living Guide does anyone know if the USAFIS green card programme is legit?

Question by blacksaint4: does anyone know if the USAFIS green card programme is legit?
i’m interested in living in america for a couple of years and recently found out about this USAFIS green card programme and i want to have a go and give it a try but i’m also scared it might be a scam, anyone know anything about it please!!!!!

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Answer by cissie s

There is a Green Card lottery – its listed on the united states immigration site – that is ligit but there are also scams out there – if you are really interested in the green card lottery go to the official immigration site (Provided below)

on the site there is this warning as well –


Many companies and fraudulent Green Card Lottery websites indicate that they can submit your application for a fee (usually between $ 40 and $ 250). Common arguments include how difficult it is to submit your own application even though this is not the case. It is fast and easy to submit your own application. You do NOT need an agent of middle-man to submit your Green Card Lottery application. The only way to be 100% sure that your application is submitted properly, is to do it yourself. Download the Green Card Lottery Information and Application Guide below and submit your entry today!”

Hope this helps :-)

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