Thursday, May 22, 2014

Eco Friendly Which is more eco-friendly?

Question by francesca_designstyle: Which is more eco-friendly?
I live in Pennsylvania, USA. Would it be more eco-friendly to use local and organic grass-fed butter, or to have imported olive oil? I know raising dairy cows creates methane and all of that, but to process, package, and ship the olive oil all the way from Europe seems not too eco-friendly…What do you think? Informed answers, please- Thanks!
Let me be more specific- I’m not asking which one you think I should use, or if I should worry about it. I’m asking for facts based on environmental stressors. Thanks!

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Answer by Prime Cuts
I would use both and not worry much about it either way. For me it’s all about the food and buying local is always a good idea. But you are not going to get local olive oil where you are so that’s just how it goes.

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