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Green Modular Homes Can I switch power cords around on my electric ranges to make use of existing outlet?

Question by Edward: Can I switch power cords around on my electric ranges to make use of existing outlet?
I posted a different version of this question but previously screwed up important details on my end so I am reposting.

We recently had to replace the range in our 4 year old modular home. The range we are replacing is actually a few years newer than the one we are putting in. Unfortunately, the ranges do not have the same power cord. I am wondering if I can simply remove the power cord from the previous range and put it on the one to be installed, or if that is a bad move. The previous range had a 4 prong power cord:

The power cord on the one I want to put in is a 3 prong:

This is the outlet:

What I want to know is, would it hurt anything if I took the 4 prong power cord (off the broken range) and install it on the one we are putting in now. Hopefully I made this post more clear than the previous, and the details are now correct and accompanied by pictures.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by dtstellwagen
Your last question was a little confusing, you need to use a 4 wire cord to match the outlet, it would be fine to use the cord you have. It is the required NEMA 14-50 type.

There will be a short jumper on the range when connected using a 3 wire cord that connects the center/white wire terminal to the frame of the range, disconnect it, connect the white/neutral wire from the cord to the center terminal on the range and connect the ground/green wire from the cord to the frame.

Do not use any 3 wire cord, you have a 4 wire outlet, here is the rule that allows 3 wire receptacles, it doesn’t apply to your installation:

2008 NEC 250.140 Frames of Ranges and Clothes Dryers
Exception: for existing branch-circuit installation only where an equipment grounding conductor is not present in the outlet or junction box, the frames of electric ranges…clothes dryers, and outlet or junction boxes that are part of the circuit for these appliances shall be permitted to be connected to the grounded circuit conductor…

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