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Eco Friendly Homes What is the min. average cost to build an environmental friendly home, read details...?

Question by bagierra: What is the min. average cost to build an environmental friendly home, read details…?
2 story house w/ basement & attic, size would comfortably fit 4-5 people including parents & 3 kids. Most important features would be eco friendly materials, energy efficient, great plumbing leading to some kind of compost or septic tank. Can anyone help me with a ball park, I don’t need any exact figures i know that i would need alot more detail for that. Thanks

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Answer by sparky_dy
It all depends on how much reclaimed material you can scrounge and how much time you can put into the project. The more you have to get other people to do for you, the more it’s going to cost you.

It’s actually surprising how energy-efficient 19th century terraced houses can be, especially when retro-fitted with double glazing and modern insulation. They already tend to make good use of natural daylight, as gas and electric light were very expensive, and have reasonable air circulation — which was important in the days before central heating. Such houses are invariably found in towns and usually are quite close to a railway station (as they were built mainly for workers in the secondary industries spawned by the coming of the railways). It was only in the mid 20th century, with the promise of abundant cheap energy, that we really dropped the ball on efficiency.

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