Saturday, August 31, 2013

Green Living Blogs How Can i transform videos into mp3 formats?

Question by matt v: How Can i transform videos into mp3 formats?
I sometimes see videos on youtube, and i look up simliair song/videos n limeiwre and theyre someimtes the same thing. I just wanna know how to get songs like(example) ‘Green Day – Live in Brelin’ and sometimes i download live files and heyre alike. the same really. All im asking is that is there a way i can transfer videos or record videos in an audio version on my computer and make them into my own mp3 songs?

Can i get a video’s audio….record it…and make it an audio file?

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Answer by Maris A
Download virtualdub from, open your video, go file > save WAV and then compress with any tool like. Nero also may do this.

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