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Green Living Blogs Q&A: Does the Pinnacle Dazzle let me view live feed video in full screen on my computer?

Question by spitfire1900: Does the Pinnacle Dazzle let me view live feed video in full screen on my computer?
I am currently looking towards video editing solutions, but I am also looking for ways to turn m PC into a television for external media devices.

So can the Pinnacle Dazzle provide live feed content to my PC from things like the Xbox 360 in full screen mode without having to be recording at the same time?

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Answer by Ron B
Nope, I am currently trying to that same exact thing. I just happen to have a dazzle I use for live broadcasting to the web for concerts and such.

During my downtime I would like to be able to use it to to play xbox on my laptop. So far there has been a couple of choices and none of them have helped me cause I am using 64 bit Vista.

If you are using 32 bit xp I have your answer. There is a tv tuner software available on that is free and allows you to do that very same thing on 1080p setting. I should leave you hanging cause I still haven’t found my answer. But will get you the exact software you need.

Future reference; if that links goes dead just google, Dscaler, it is a tuner software and it is open source. I am not affiliated with any of these companies listed here accept and if our website starts to help with things like this on a regular basis I will quit, lol….I would rather pownz you than help you…

There is a real simple solution that is cheaper than buying a dazzle for your puter. If you are just trying to connect your xbox to a monitor go to the gamers store and by the adapter to connect your xbox to a monitor. It is only 20 bucks and the dazzle starts at 50 bucks.

The quality will be the same if not better. The only way to get get real 1080p on a monitor w/o latency will be to spend 550 bucks on a gamerz Monitor and if you are spending that kinda money on hardware you will not be surfing for these small answers. BTW a good gamers monitor is 120hz, 2ms, 3000:1, 24inch. Find those in a monitor of the cheapest price and you are set. Anything more and it is a gimic. I know you want the 40 inch monitor but if you go bigger you will need a higher ratio than 3000:1.

No, flat screen tv’s are not better than monitors cause they have 50000:1. They are just bigger so they need a higher number. Lcd beats Plasma everytime and monitors beat them both. Take my well spent cash’s word for it. You will not be able to beat the FPS on a monitor. That is the truth.

5ms is all you really need but 2ms is rapidly available for some reason. If you can truly tell the difference then you need to register as a mutant for freakish vision.

3000:1 on a 24in monitor is an amazing color just make sure they are not bullsh*tting you. Typically this is where they lie.

1080p is better than 1080i and 780 is the lowest. I’ll get that out of the way too.

Alas I have a laptop and I need the dazzle to work. So I will continue looking for my solution and the odds are good I will not find this thread again. So if you would like to stay updated visit me at and post a request for tech there in our blog and maybee ill see it. Better yet Register with the site, I am the admin. Once registered you can IM or email me. My name is Ron.

last note; if you do decide to go LCD TV for GAMING then the matte finish is your only choice. If you wanna watch your little girly movies then get the glossy crap. Personally I do not like to see reflections of lamps on my end tables while I am watching “On Golden Pond” but your grown and prolly prefer “Fried Green Tomatoes” after “Operah Late night” cause that is the only time you can watch a gloss tv is from the comfort of your cave.

If you happen to get powned by FragginRite on Gears of War 2, don’t feel bad I am just better than you. Itsa spider Biatch…….

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