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Question by : I ran a red light then it changed to green?
kay so im really freaked out right now. Yesterday coming back from work I think I ran a red light. I wasnt paying attention and when i looked up I saw a red light and jammed on the brakes, and I think i slid about 1-1 1/2 feeet past the white line. Right when i stopped i looked up and the light was green. They did not have red light cameras that flash bc i live in oeplousas louisiana its a small town. However they did have till white cameras mounted on the side of the post. from what I know I think they just regulate the traffic lights and what notso its jsut a traffic camera. Will i get a ticket in the mail? and how long will it tkae? below is a link to a pic of what the camera looks like but it was on the side of the pole way at the top..


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Answer by Beverley M
I don’t think you technically ran the light because you did stop . That distance is well within what’s accepted. I think the chances of getting a ticket are almost zero.

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