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Green And Brown Living Room Ideas Help with Decorating my Living room?

Question by : Help with Decorating my Living room?
My living room is carmel brown and attached and opens up to the kitchen..My kitchen is sage green and has hints of green, brown and black.. I want my living room to flow with the kitchen.. I am thinking of doing a paris theme in my living room and buying the stuff from hobby lobby but can’t decorate.. Can anyone suggest decor or ideas for the living room?

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Answer by J.A.H.
Consider pulling sage green into the living room through the use of decorative pillows and artwork. Perhaps even with decor items you may find like candle pillars for instance. I’m not exactly sure how to handle the Paris theme other than unique Parisian artwork scenes. Perhaps black and white art prints or photos of Paris with plain, simple black frames. This would also tie in with the hints of black in the kitchen. I actually have a neat Parisian faux-canvas art print in my kitchen. Look for something along that order if you do not like the idea of black and white images. You can see a pic of it on this page

Scroll down to the layout and placement section of the page and you will see a few Parisian art prints I have. I even have two images of the Eiffel Tower on the adjoining wall. If you find art with these color reds in, they would work well with all the colors you already have, including the sage. Hope that helps give you some ideas!

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