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Green Energy Live What are some ways to live green, organic and energy efficient?

Question by Jez: What are some ways to live green, organic and energy efficient?

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Answer by megalomaniac
Ride a bike, eat local food, eat less meat, think about your total energy use throughout your pattern of life (at home, at work, at play) and adjust your decison making accordingly. There are a lot more ways of doing things than we think there are.

The biggest obstacle to living more ‘greenly’ is the weight of momentum of existing practices. (ie – we’re afraid of change and for example have been led to believe that a car based culture is necessary – it isn’t)

Fear of discomfort is the biggest reason why we don’t make positive changes in our lives. I got rid of my car and went to bike only 7 years ago and I don’t regret it for a second. Not only am I helping the environment for everybody but I am healthier myself, I have more energy, I can eat as much as I want without gaining weight and I have more disposable income while working LESS than I used to.

Furthermore I have evolved my diet to include much less meat and processed foods, again not only benefitting the whole world but making me more healthy at the same time. And it actually costs LESS to eat more healthy.

By the way, I’m NOT a big fan of recycling. I mean its OK but what it does is allow people to assuage their guilt while not really changing their over-consumptive lifestyels. (ie – in theory its fine but in practice its more like a giant guilt pill allowing people to rationalize an otherwise extremely wasteful lifestyle)

For me the real three Rs of environmentalism are Reduce, Reduce and Reduce (kinda like the three rules for real estate). I earn less, I spend less, I eat less and I have more money left over at the end of the day.

For me, environmentalism is more about what you DON’T do than what you do do. We always want to do things but in the end its really what we avoid doing that is the key. It doesn’t sound very exciting and its not going to sell many products but I believe that that is what is needed to make the world a better place for us all. We need to reform our ingrained habits of earn and spend just for the sake of it.

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