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Going Green Ideas Q&A: Anyone have going green ideas ?

Question by skywritter2006: Anyone have going green ideas ?
In my school we have this club called going green (duh) and he asked us what we should do 2 make our school more eco friendly and like almost no1 could think of any thing PLEASE HELP THE EARTH IS CALLING!!!??? LOL

Best answer:

Answer by whsgreenmom
Here are a few suggestions. There is also a climate challenge for schools to learn more about sustainability, I put the link.

Use recycled paper products, start with napkins
Reduce packaging, no individual condiment packages
Use reusable, recyclable or at least biodegradable serving dishes
See how they recycle their oil from the fryer. Get them to use it for Biodiesel
If they have to use plastic, try to find one that can be recycled

Use recycled paper as much as possible.
Print on both sides
Turn off all computers, printers lights etc. in the evening.

Bathrooms/locker rooms
Use recycled toilet paper, paper towels and seat covers
Install low flow adapters on all sinks.
Use electric hand dryers
If the gym has a washing machine use ecofriendly laundry soap
Use vinegar in the rinse cycle as a natural antibacterial and fabric softener

Overall campus
Adjust thermostat by 1 degree up in the summer down in the winter
Unplug all appliances when not in use
Install motion sensors in class rooms so the lights go off when empty
Increase paper recycling
Recycle all ink cartridges
Put out recycle bins
Water lawns on alternate days
Try to get alternate energy installed when possible
Try to encourage students to walk, or bike to school instead of being dropped off
Institute an no idle zone in the parking lot, some parents park and run their a/c for 30 minutes while waiting for their student.
Make Students and Parents aware of green options for school supplies
Increase recycling, school saves money for garbage disposal
Organize an e-waste and/or hazardous waste drop off
Organize an ecofashion show or green transportation demo

Talk to teams about using organic cotton or wool for uniforms, avoid polyester.
Recycle polyester uniforms
Talk to Booster about using organic cotton or bamboo for spirit T-shirts.
Encourage concession stand to use reusable/recycled/biodegradable serving items
Encourage concession to reduce packaging and recycle cardboard

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