Thursday, March 29, 2012

Green Building Products Am I the only one who cares about green building products?

Question by : Am I the only one who cares about green building products?
Every building store whether flooring, cabinets, and every one of my friends and family member could care less about this topic and why I am being so careful on what I remodel and put back into this house I bought. The flooring guy was so irritated that I dare ask about VOC’s and my fear of breathing in fumes from adhesives and formaldehyde and the stainmaster products made with dupont. Flor Guy says everything is approved by goverment. I did alot of research because of my health and my families. The cabinet guy too. They say the government wouldn’t let it be sold if it was bad for us. Which could sum up an entirely different arguement. I am not even overdoing it like I am sure some people do, I just don’t want bad fumes and irritants. Everything to build a house with is bad for us. And to find the healthy stuff local and affordable feom knowledgeable owners.. forget about it. I want to open a green building retailer but would anyone even care?

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