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Green Living Forums Q&A: Where and How to best advertise for our Huge Residential Lot in Palawan, Philippines?

Question by fatbiguglytoad: Where and How to best advertise for our Huge Residential Lot in Palawan, Philippines?
I’ve been trying to sell our lots on the internet mostly using free classified ads and other websites where I can post for free, but all I got is SPAM in my inbox and no really really serious interested people.

Some consider it expensive, but if you consider neighbors prices and the going rate for the area.. we’re at the right level.

To see what I’m talking about.. see

I prefer using free internet services since I don’t have a way to pay with credit card etc. I’ve even joined expatriate forums to see what people think about Puerto Princesa City, Palawan but it seems they are more interested in Cebu or Boracay the “tourist places”

But PPC is the greenest and cleanest city in the philippines and a lot of retirees already live here and are loving it. I guess it still is a hidden paradise then since people have not discovered it yet..

Now.. what is the best way to advertise given these conditions?

Best answer:

Answer by 918
Maybe what you need is someone here in the United States or whatever respective countries you advertise in to serve as a representative.

They may know the customs or the country better depending on where you’re situated.

The other thing about free sites is that people tend to be of a different mentality, in my opinion. They’re not the types who are really likely to spend.

You may come across a small percentage, but for the amount of effort and time, is it really worth it? Word of mouth and someone actually sitting down with people to explain the benefits of such a property may be necessary.

If you want some help with that, I’d be willing to take a look and see what kind of Marketing Plan could be implemented.

I did take a look at your web site. It may be possible to clean it up a bit.

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