Sunday, February 19, 2012

Green Living Guide "Market research": Interest in extensive guide to "green living" ebook?

Question by Love0646: “Market research”: Interest in extensive guide to “green living” ebook?
I’m just trying to find out how much interest there is out there for an ebook with a ton of resources (most online) to help a person be more environmentally friendly, and how much someone might be willing to pay for such an ebook. Thanks for your input!
I know what you mean, i don’t like to read at my computer either. my eyes get tired. but I’ve realized a good thing about ebooks. i hate writing in real books (what if I want to sell them or give them away? or just forget where I took notes? lol), but you can print out as many copies of an ebook as you like, and write in it, or give a copy to a friend, or whatever. but then you can also have it on the computer as a back-up, and are able to click on the links instead of typing them all in.

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Answer by whsgreenmom
I’ve read several books about going green, but I don’t like to read online. I still prefer the book so I can highlight and put notes.

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