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Green Living Consultant Dark Living Room, what color paint?

Question by : Dark Living Room, what color paint?
My living room is dark! I have 1 big window but a huge tree right in front of it so very little natural light gets in. On top of that I have dark acacia hardwood (dark brown with a bit of red to it) and charcoal furniture. Now I have 6 different paint colors on the walls trying to figure out what on earth will work! I would like something modern, so I tried grey tones…bad choice, VERY depressing!!! Then I went to the usual beige but it is sooo boring, I even took the advice of the color consultant at the paint store and tried a toned down lime green. I’m starting to like it, but are there any colors out there that i’m not thinking of to go with dark wood floors and charcoal furniture? HELP!!

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Answer by Lynk
go with a soft mauve (like a slightly ashy pink with a bit of purple in it) it would pick up the red flecks in the wood but also look really good w/ charcoal and w/ dark brown.,r:9,s:48&biw=1366&bih=574,r:8,s:114&tx=116&ty=46&biw=1366&bih=574

there are two different colors that i think would look really good w/ the black and the brown, and make the room warm.

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