Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Going Green Tips Going green tips i need help?

Question by tareq_toon: Going green tips i need help?
I need to know how much money is by going green by recycling cans,plastic bottles etc. in one year thank you

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Answer by mike
I don’t think recyclers are hypocrites… You can save money in garbage cost if you have to pay per lb or bag. in fact our boro had recycling then did not and in order to recycle you had to drive 40 miles round trip and then they only took certain plastics, magazines, papers, no metal and it was always changing- I recently read an article about “al gore” light bulb a man lived in a metro area but it actually cost him and he figured out that he expended more pollutants by driving the light bulbs to the recycling center then using a regular light bulb. I think we should be more conservative in our own homes and when making purchases with less packaging and stop buying bottled water! In the big picture recycling costs a lot, uses energy- we could go back to going to the store with bulk supplies purchasing items and placing them in cloth or glass containers!

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