Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green Living Dallas November 29th Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys?

Question by cyndi lynn: November 29th Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys?
I went to the Dallas Cowboys website to try and get tickets for this specific game in Dallas, but they are only offering season tickets. I don’t want season tickets I just want to go to this ONE game. I grew up near Green Bay and never got to go to a game. I’m living in Dallas now and I would do ANYTHING to get to that game! Does anyone know how I can get tickets to just this specific game?
ok for anyone who is not a fan of the packers, please spare me your comments. i don’t care what you think. if you think they suck, that’s fine. i do sometimes, too. but i am still a fan and i don’t appreciate hurtful comments.

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Answer by stephen c
I know these words are wasted, but:

Please, please, please STOP embarassing yourself like that!

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