Friday, July 25, 2014

How To Go GreenSKY LANTERNS 14 Pack - Assorted Colors

SKY LANTERNS 14 Pack – Assorted Colors

  • Size : base diameter about (12”), Height: about 2 feet
  • Assorted Colors which consists of yellow, green, white, pink, blue, purple, red and orange.
  • We will mix the colors for you according to inventory on hand.
  • Flight height: up to 1000m (approx), Duration: 10-12 min (approx)
  • Made from superior quality, flame retardant paper,Safe and easy to use.

Chinese Paper Lanterns, in China, they call them Kongming Lantern. It is said they were invented by a hero whose name was Kongming. Chinese Paper Lanterns are ideal for wedding, holiday, birthday and other celebrations parties, they are the perfect,

List Price: $ 56.00

Price: $ 6.78

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