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Green Living Room Decorating Ideas How should we decorate our living room bookshelves?

Question by : How should we decorate our living room bookshelves?
So this is a quick description of our living room-Walls are a green but not a loud color, it’s kind of soft. P.S I am talking about our downstairs living room. The windows and floor boarders are white. We have tall bookshelves(about a foot 1/2 from ceiling) and they are black. We have a beige/tan looking tile.Computer and a dark brown L-section sofa the bottom pillow cushions are a beige looking color and the pillows are tan,dark brown,and beige. The basement living room is small because we have a few bedrooms.
Oh and the bookshelves are on the side of our I think 3 feet wide Vizio flat screen looking tv on a black glass stand.

So I want to change the bookshelves but I want to present a idea for my mom because if she is indecisive and will get mad if I don’t have a plan. On the first bookshelf there is schoolbooks(should be removed),baby blankets(should be removed),a box(should be removed),a dvd case an empty file holder,and pictures of us. Since the bottom shelf is about a foot tall we have a plastic bin that we try to contain my brothers huge toy truck and smaller toys but that doesn’t work. My brother is 2 and shares a room with my mom and she can’t have a room full of toys.

Second bookshelf is DS games,and a gamecube. Next is paper and a bunch of school files and books(homeschooled). I just want to remove all the school things but I wouldn’t know what to replace them with. We only have a few movies and their old so we keep them in the window as well as xbox games.(Xbox on tv stand )

We are taking family pictures soon so we will probably replace the old ones instead of buying new frames:( . We all kind of read different genres of books so it would be a horrible mess to put books there. I think we can use the one empty shelf for library books. My mom was thinking of buying one of those cute mini working fountains at Target but decided it was too cluttered. If we bought that what else should we put on that shelf? I want to put candles but where? I want inexpensive ways we can clean it up because the shelves make the whole living room look ugly. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by thatgirl taylor
i would say you can add books to a couple of shelves, and some a range of browns, black, and white decorations to pull all of the colors together. maybe like some figurines. or some vases.

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